OpenSceneryX v4 Beta Testing

Because it’s so big and contains significant new features, we have taken the unusual step of running an open beta test of the next release of OpenSceneryX (v4.0.0).

The beta test is being run over on the forums so if you want to take part and get early access to the next release, head over there now – all the details are in the README post.

Note: If you want to take part in the beta, please be aware there may be bugs and issues that cause problems with your X-Plane® simulator, so if you don’t feel comfortable with this please wait for the full release.

OpenSceneryX v3.2.0 Released

Happy New Year!  To celebrate 2019, here’s a new version of OpenSceneryX. Highlights:

  • New scenery objects in this version:
    • Incorporated FlyAgi Wind Turbine Library by FlyAgi into OpenSceneryX, which includes 40 animated wind turbines in a variety of heights and styles.
    • Incorporated FlyAgi Vegetation Library by FlyAgi into OpenSceneryX, including:
      • A set of ‘forests’ of volumentric grass, in a variety of shades.
      • A set of ‘forests’ of volumetric flowers, vines and shrubs.
      • A large set of 265 higher definition forests.
      • An additional Acer (Maple) tree, in a variety of heights, using the same high definition texture as the new forests.
      • An additional two Quercus (Oak) trees, in a variety of heights, using the same high definition texture as the new forests.
      • A Corylus (Hazel) tree, in a variety of heights, using the same high definition texture as the new forests.Thank you Agi for offering this merge, it is really appreciated.
  • Modified scenery objects in this version:
    • The USA Hawaiian forests were empty and using a blank texture, which has been the case since they were first added. We now use pacific_lowlandinstead, as the closest match.
    • Added TILTED attribute to all appropriate objects so they follow sloped terrain. Affects aircraft, vehicles, some furniture and some people.
  • Other changes:
    • Removed all unnecessary EXPORT_BACKUP lines for RE_Library backup library.
    • Third party libraries are now exported using EXPORT_BACKUP instead of DEPRECATED EXPORT entries. Means that if both OpenSceneryX and the source library are installed, the source library takes precedence, which is important when it is still being actively maintained and updated and may be ahead of OpenSceneryX.
    • Replaced the Backup Library with the latest v2.0.0 version.
    • Individual screenshots generated for all European forests.
    • Individual screenshots generated for all US forests.
    • Added a set of simHeaven export paths so they don’t have to copy actual objects out of OpenSceneryX on installation of their packages. These new paths will be used in the next releases of VFR Landmarks and X-Europe.
    • Now write a version.txt file containing the version number and date into the library folder, for utilities such as xOrganiser to use.

As always, if you already have a recent version of the installer, just re-run it to update your install. If you need a new installer, grab it from the home page.

Have fun with the new stuff, and a huge thank you to all the contributors.

OpenSceneryX 3.1.0 Released

We have just released OpenScenery v3.1.0. The main change in this version is the addition of over 1200 individual plant and tree objects. These should be much easier to use than forests if you just want to place a few individual plants around your sceneries. The full changes are:

  • New scenery objects in this version:
    • A huge collection of 1263 individual plants and trees, built using the same textures as the existing forests for efficiency. As objects, these are much more convenient to use than forests if you need to place individual plants.
  • Modified scenery objects in this version:
    • Updated DDS version of European tree texture to include two missing trees.
    • Added DDS versions of US tree textures.
  • Other changes:
    • Added 15 missing or incorrect paths from RE_Library.

The installer hasn’t changed, so if you already have the latest version just re-run it. If you need to download it, go to the OpenSceneryX home page.

OpenSceneryX v3.0.0 Released

It’s a massive new release of the library, with almost 1,000 new objects. Here are the full release notes:

  • New scenery objects in this version:
    • Incorporated most of RE_Library by Richard C Elliott (einstein at the .org) into OpenSceneryX, which is about 900 objects. There are too many to list individually here, but the collection includes offices, radio installations, vehicles, hangars, fire stations, control towers, terminals and visual control rooms. Thank you Richard for offering this merge, it is hugely appreciated and expands the scope of OpenSceneryX considerably.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Certain iconic objects from specific airports were not included because OpenSceneryX, by design, does not contain world-unique objects (for example, the old EGCC Manchester International control tower). If any designer has used these objects, they will disappear. To fix this, airport designers will need to include these objects directly in their scenery packages. Richard has given permission to use his objects directly in this way (see the documentation in the RE_Library package) but as a courtesy it might be polite to drop him a note to let him know.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Some objects that were very similar to others were merged, for efficiency.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE 3: Because OSX requires all vehicles to be facing North with the tip of the nose at the origin, The RE_Library fire engines will change position and orientation. I’m afraid the only way to sort this out is for airport designers to tweak the placements of these objects and release new versions of their airports.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE 4: Some of the control tower objects in RE_Library were combinations of specific office blocks and specific Visual Control Rooms (VCRs). For efficiency, these have been replaced with the equivalent office blocks (without VCR), so airports that have used these will need to be modified to have a VCR placed on top of the office block. However, this has the added advantage that many more building / VCR combinations are now possible.
    • Four Supacat SUV600 fire vehicles, based on Land Rover 6×6 chassis.
    • A set of fire training rigs in a variety of colours.
    • A set of churches in two sizes and a variety of construction materials.
    • A fuel hydrant hatch polygon.
    • A collection of metal sheds.
    • A pair of white and yellow bollards.
    • A hotel.
    • A school / play-centre.
    • A wooden bungalow.
    • A pair of concrete barriers.
    • A small orange cone.
    • A hut constructed from a shipping container.
    • A set of shipping containers in various sizes and textures.
    • A small office constructed from a shipping container.
    • A wooden airport security building.
    • A wooden clubhouse.
    • A GPU unit.
    • A wooden airport terminal building.
    • A wooden hangar with a house attached.
    • Two baggage carts.
    • A baggage cart tractor.
    • A small tug.
    • A 27m concrete control tower.
    • A selection of fire extinguishers, standalone and in cabinets.
    • A complete fuelling installation, including underground tanks, pump, lights and signs.
    • A flood light.
    • A collection of warning and emergency signs for use around fuel installations.
    • A refuelling pump station.
    • Underground fuel tanks.
    • A set of fuel drums.
    • A set of gable markers in various colours.
    • Two metal garages.
    • Two metal glider boxes.
    • A grandstand for a sporting event.
    • A set of 5 metal hangars.
    • A further set of 28 metal hangars.
    • A set of 6 larger, more complex hangars.
    • A pair of wooden parking barriers.
    • A 250m radio mast and a 30m radio tower.
    • Three small metal huts.
    • A set of 56 plastic and galvanised tanks in a variety of sizes and colours.
    • A toilet facilities block.
    • A set of green waste bins with lids in various colours.
    • A McDonalds® fast food restaurant.
  • Modified scenery objects in this version:
    • All legacy X-Plane v7 objects have been converted to v8. The only objects affected were the animals.
    • Fishing boats 1, 2, 3 and 4 were not pointing North. These have been rotated 90 degrees to conform with the OpenSceneryX standard. Apologies for any problems this may cause with existing scenery packs.
    • None of the Robin DR221 aircraft were pointing North. These have been rotated 90 degrees to conform with the OpenSceneryX standard. Apologies for any problems this may cause with existing scenery packs.
    • The small yellow, white and red/white cones have been replaced with improved models.
    • The existing 12m shipping container was rotated 90 degrees to standardise across all shipping containers. Apologies for any problems this may cause with existing scenery packs.
  • Other changes:
    • Two invalid lines were fixed in the backup libraries (RE_Library and world2xplane library).
    • Added support to include external libraries within OpenSceneryX, which provides the ability for libraries to be merged. Items in external libraries are published to their original paths as well as new OpenSceneryX paths.
    • All deprecated paths are now exported into a DEPRECATED section of the library file, so they no longer show up in WED.
    • Refreshed design and branding in library docs and developer pack docs.
    • All processing for legacy X-Plane v7 format object files has been removed. The v7 format is no longer supported by OpenSceneryX.
    • Re-compressed a bunch of the PNG textures that gave the best saving in file size.
    • Developer documentation PDF now contains clickable screenshots and titles to take you to the online docs for the item.
    • Website now shows a carousel of the latest additions to the library, with screenshots and links.

Minor Library Update Available

A new version of OpenSceneryX has just been released – v2.2.1. This is primarily a feature and bug fix release, but also it includes some updated ships with proper X-Plane navigation lights. Full release notes:

  • Modified scenery objects in this version:
    • A number of the ships and boats have had real navigation lights added, thanks to PilotFlo from the MarineTrafficX project for supplying these.
  • Other changes:
    • Developer documentation PDF now contains in-document clickable links on the table of contents.
    • Small design refresh in developer documentation PDF.
    • All object screenshots look a lot better and are now larger to make them clearer. They are also now automatically generated by a script, making them far easier to manage, create and regenerate.
    • All non-object screenshots have been re-created at a larger size to make them clearer.
    • The new backup library was missing placeholders for .net (roads) and .str (object strings) which could cause issues with some scenery packs installed.

To get the update, just re-run your installer.  If the installer tells you that it is out of date, get the latest from

Shout out for new content – If you are a talented 3D modeller, and would like some of your work included in a future version of OpenSceneryX, we would love to see it.  It’s really easy to send it to us – just go here: and follow the instructions.

Beta Release of Installer and Library

A beta version of the installer and library are now ready for testing. This beta includes two new features, as well as one other significant change behind the scenes:

  1. The Mac installer now provides support for the default Steam location.  A new button allows you to select the Steam folder if it exists.
  2. The installer now includes the Backup Library that chris k originally built and einstein continues to expand and maintain.  This means that if you have OpenSceneryX installed, you no longer need the Backup Library.  The installer allows you to choose whether the placeholders used are visible or invisible – the visible ones should be bright red.
  3. The installer has been rebuilt using the latest version of the Xojo development environment. This means that the Mac version is now a full Cocoa application.

We need some testers to try out this beta and test the new features, as well as ensuring that no bugs have crept in.  Although the third item above sounds innocuous, a lot of things have changed under the covers so it needs a good test.

WARNING: If you are not happy testing betas, which may have bugs, please skip this and wait for the full release version.

However, if you would like to help out, please either reply to this post (you’ll need to register as a user of the site if you haven’t already) or simply get in touch using the contact form.

Backup Library soon to be included

Some of you may be aware of the excellent Backup Library that chris k originally built and now einstein maintains over at the .org.  Having this library installed removes a lot of errors you get in X-Plane if you use a scenery package that needs a library, but haven’t got the library installed.

It basically supplies fake invisible objects, lines, polygons etc. that are used instead of the real ones, so that X-Plane has something to load rather than complain about.

After some discussions with einstein, we have decided to join forces so that OpenSceneryX automatically installs the Backup Library too.  This means that you won’t need to download and install it separately if you have OpenSceneryX installed.  The installer will also give you a choice whether to show visible or invisible placeholders for the Backup Library, so that you can choose to know whether you’ve got libraries missing or not.  The visible ones will be bright red, so easy to spot!

Note that einstein will still be maintaining the Backup Library and the full version will still be available from the .org but it will be slightly different as the full version still needs to include a backup for OpenSceneryX itself in case you don’t want to install it.

This feature will be included in the next version of the library and installer.

OpenSceneryX 2.1.1 Released

A new version of the library has been released today. This is a tiny release for the library with only one new object and one modified object. However, the big change this time is the website – it has been completely revamped and re-structured, with the whole thing being served by WordPress. The separate blog is no more, this has been integrated as ‘news’ into the new website. Hopefully this all makes the site easier to navigate and understand, and information is closer to hand.

Obviously with a major site rebuild like this, there are bound to be bugs and issues so please reply to this post if you spot anything a bit odd.

OpenSceneryX 2.1.0 Released

It’s been a long time coming, but there is finally a new release of OpenSceneryX out!

This release is mainly about adding new objects, lines and polygons, but it also includes the second phase of the X-Plane® 10 texture audit – this time removing all textures that contain any kind of night glow.  This should improve the look of scenery packages that use OpenSceneryX objects at night.

Other changes include some improvements to the developer documentation and a few tweaks and bug fixes.

Take a look at the release notes for the full list of new items and changes.

Boo! We’re back

After an embarrassingly extended absence, the OpenSceneryX maintainer is ‘back in the building’ and he will try not to leave it again for quite such a long time in future!

I’ve caught up on all the submissions to the library, done a lot of housekeeping (including moving all the repositories to GitHub), as well as catching up on blog comments.  So, although I can’t promise an OpenSceneryX update every 5 minutes (did that ever happen?) I will try very hard to at least keep regular releases and not disappear for years.

Sorry 🙁