The library costs a fair amount of cash each month to run, and we’ve actually made a loss every year so far 🙁 We’re not in this to make money though, so that’s not going to stop us!

Advertising on the site is a necessary evil to help balance costs, but we still need your generous donations to keep the project alive.

Costs averaged monthly are:

  • Domain names: £10 / month
  • Apple Developer subs (for digitally signing the Mac installer): £7 / month
  • Comodo certificate (for digitally signing the Windows installer): £3 / month
  • Xojo development environment (for building all installers): £10 / month
  • Other software and licenses: £10 / month
  • Hosting: Approx £100 / month

Income is:

  • Advertising: About £30 / month
  • Hosting: Sponsored by anonymous benefactor
  • Donations.

As you can see that without donations, there is already a shortfall every month, even before taxes. If you would like to help balance this out, please consider a donation, and THANK YOU: