Help Translate

We could do with some help translating the installer.  Here is a list of the languages that are done, those that are underway and those we would like translations for:

Catalan (ca) – Jordi Sayol

Dutch (nl) – Gerrit-Jan Rebel

French (fr) – Olivier Faivre

German (de) – Valentin Kaufmann

Hebrew (he) – Jon Hyams

Italian (it) – In progress by Matteo Lorenzini

Polish (po) – Michal Rybinski

Portuguese (pt) – Needs a translator!

Russian (ru) – M. Vishnyakov

Slovak (sl) – In progress by Michal Kiš

Spanish (es) – Amado Chiñas Sánchez

If you would like to help out, please use the Contact Us form and let us know which language you would like to help out with.  It doesn’t have to be on this list – every translation helps!

Thank you to everyone who has provided translations so far, I know it takes time and effort and it’s very much appreciated.