Help Build and Maintain the Library

We’ll accept most offers of assistance, but there are some specific areas where we could use some help:


It goes without saying, we always need new contributions, so if you think you have something that would be good in the library, have a read through these guidelines for contributors and then use this form to contribute your work.


We need people to review and tweak objects to improve them.  Perhaps you think a certain object could be improved – maybe it could be more detailed, maybe the texture could be better, maybe it could be duplicated and altered to make an alternative variant.

Livery Creators

Bertrand Augras’ jet and GA aircraft collections are specifically designed to share a single texture across a large number of aircraft.  If you think the library is missing a livery from your favourite airline then why not take a look at the texture used by his aircraft and make up a new one?  In the case of his jet collection, making one texture will give a new livery to 17 aircraft.


The library needs to be continually reviewed for efficiency – Texture size, polygon count, even the incorporation of texture sharing if appropriate.   We could really use someone who is willing to take on some of this work, to make the library better and more efficient for everyone.

If you think you can help in any of these roles, please contact us using this form.