Scenery Packages

Here is a list of scenery packages, tools and plugins that are known to use the OpenSceneryX library.

If you are a scenery developer and have used OpenSceneryX in your work, please post a comment here with a URL and we’ll keep this list up to date.

Please note that the packages listed below are not connected with the OpenSceneryX project, other than using the library.  If you have any questions or queries about any of these packages, please contact the original author of the package.

Tools (7 sites)

  • FS2XPlane Converter - Converts Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery to X-Plane
  • Helicopter Rescue Mission Generator - Automatically generates a MedEvac mission scenery based on your preferences.
  • OSM2XP v3 - A tool for converting OpenStreetMap data into X-Plane scenery packs
  • OverlayEditor - A program for creating X-Plane Scenery. If OpenSceneryX is installed, this allows you to create scenery packs that use it. This is a great, easy to use editor.
  • World2XPlane - Tool to create overlay scenery using OpenStreetMap data
  • WorldEditor (WED) - A program for creating X-Plane Scenery. If OpenSceneryX is installed, this allows you to create scenery packs that use it. This is the official scenery building tool, developed and supported by Laminar.
  • XAddonManager - A program for managing your installed scenery packs, aircraft, plugins and (if applicable) CSLs for flying online. Shameless plug, as I wrote and maintain this!

Plugins (6 sites)

  • MarineTrafficX - A plugin for Windows that enhances X-Plane® with objects and ships that move along designated routes.
  • Mobile Helipad - A plug-in that allows you to place a mobile helipad dynamically while you are running the sim.
  • SSG 747-8 Ground Handling Animations - Animated ground handling vehicles.
  • X-Life - A comprehensive and fully featured X-Plane ground and air traffic plugin.
  • X-Refuel - Useable fuel stations for X-Plane
  • XPGS Ground Services - Provides ground services to your aircraft.

Sites with Multiple Airport Packages or Widespread Coverage (75 sites)

Individual Airport Packages (410 sites)

There are now over 5000 scenery packages that use OpenSceneryX and it is impossible to keep the list on this page up to date. Fortunately most scenery developers mention OpenSceneryX in their descriptions, so one way of finding them is to search for this.

Here’s a quick link to perform this search on

98 thoughts on “Scenery Packages

  1. Hi guys,

    congrats to this great project. I have build a scenery for DGAA Accra in Ghana. It uses some OpenSceneryX objects and can be found under the link above.


  2. I would like to more then once say thank you for the effort you have put into this project
    Where ever I can I have used Open scenery in my own efforts to build something interesting into those sceneries : after HESH Sharm EL Sheikh, there are the following airports
    FJDG Diego Garcia, UENGS Engels, CYYR Goose Bay, EDMO Oberpfaffenhofen, KTTS NASA Shuttle Landing Facility, VRMM Male Intl and EDNX Schleissheim. There are more to come which I am working on now.
    If I could compensate for your efforts with a bit of mine, then I can offer that I have a bunch of
    Military aircraft which I could offer as static planes. Let me know if there is any interest,because people have written to me about the poor selection of Military planes in open scenery ( which I confirm). Maybe I can help a bit
    kind regards capella

    • Thank you for the kind words capella, I’m glad OpenSceneryX works well for you!

      Firstly, could you post the URL(s) where your sceneries can be downloaded, and I’ll add them to the list above.

      Secondly, yes it would be great if you could contribute some mil static aircraft. Only one person has mentioned the lack of mil aircraft to me personally, but if you’ve had comments then it sounds like there is a need for them. This page: describes how to contribute to the library and there is an upload form here:

      Many thanks to ALL contributors, you do a great job!

    • Hi papasierra, could you modify your download page to mention that OpenSceneryX is needed – it’s good to let people know this.

      Many thanks for using the library!

      Sanjiv, you didn’t include a link to your package. Post a URL here and I’ll add it to the list.

  3. Thank you for the package – I could not have built my package without it. I wish I were competent enough to develop objects to enhance the package – will keep plugging away till I get it right.
    I have created the enhancements for KGAI – Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, MD USA.

  4. Switzerland Pak – LFHM Megeve, LOIO Zwieselstein, LOIP Ischgl-Idalpe, LSEZ Zermatt, LSGR Reichenbach, LSMA Alpnach, LSMC Ulrichen, LSMF Mollis, LSML Lodrino, LSPG Kaegiswil, LSPM Ambri, LSPO Olten, LSPU Munster, LSTA Raron, LSXC Geissholz, LSXE Erstfeld, LSXN Kussnacht a.R., LSXP Pfaffnau, LSXU Untervaz, LSZS Samedan

    • Hy guys

      I have for a long time swiss2004 1 and 2 + swisspark

      I really loved for training to flight from LSGG to LFHM (Megeve)

      I re-isntallaed all my system and x-plane for a better use of gtk+

      BUT : I have again (like it was at my start on XP) a nuked runway on LFHM where the mountain break the runway …. I used to fixed it before my re-installing, I dont remember how do we fix it again ?

      System : X-Plane 9.60rc2 – Ubuntu 9.04 – swiss2004 1/2 – swisspark – CH-Switzerland Roads 0.02 – and all the swiss standalone scenery

      I used to installed a lot of french scenery like Toulouse and other DO someone think it could be one of these FR scenery which fixed the LFHM runway ?

      PLZ quickly im sad to not flight my training road..

      • I’m afraid we don’t have anything to do with the scenery packages that use OpenSceneryX, so you’ll need to contact the author of SwitzerlandPak to get an answer to your question (Barry Roberts).

  5. Dear Sirs,

    Thank you so much for all the hard work in producing this library! I did my first small airport and it was a blast. I so appreciate you making this available. I wish more people would use it and share their artistic ability so X-plane could be more complete. I look forward to more updates. Any people objects in the works?


    • We just have one person in the package at the moment, the plane spotter. I’m afraid there aren’t any more people in the next release yet. If anyone has any, please submit them and we’ll get them in.

  6. could someone please if at all possible, make updated scenery for MTPP port au prince intnl from the earthquake and pretty much all of haiti and dom rep if at all? thanks…

  7. I am making a VFR reporting points-scenery of Belgium at the moment. Some items I make myself using Blender, others are from the OpensceneryX.
    Parts of my scenery might be suitable for OpensceneryX, I will post them later on when I am satisfied with the quality. I am still working at it now, but the scenery is already usable as it is.

    Please drop me a line if you like my work…

  8. Hi

    Moving from FSX to X-Plane… My site will be updated with the time – especially when I will find a way to convert my FSX photo real sceneries to X-Plane…

    I uploaded today a small airport scenery for the Langenlebarn Mil LOXT near Tulln near Vienna Austria.

    It is using your great library objects!!!

  9. Hey!
    I wonder if some one out there would like to do a nice sencery for EKCH (Copenhagen apt Kastrup) It would be fun to have a great sencery for xplane ,

  10. Hi guys. Some remarkable work here. Was wondering if someone could do the airport at Maderia, Portugal. There are a LOT of people that would get this one if it was here. If blinking lights were added to mark the approach that would make it even more special. Again your hard work is not going unnoticed. Thanks to all of you.


  11. Hello.
    For starters, I wish to thank this whole community! It’s a great idea to share many hours of work with others!
    I have developed Florence Peretola (LIRQ/FLR) Airport for X-Plane v9 and released v2.0b just a couple of days ago. I then provide here the link to my Website, where you can find the whole Scenery Package and download it for free (Donations are welcome, though!). I’ll look foreward to seeing if some objects may be useful by this community, and upload then here; although they are very “LIRQ-Specific”, I can try to rend them as generic as I can…!
    Thank you very much,

  12. Hi everyone. Just signed on yesterday and have use OpenSceneryX. I grew up on some military bases in Spain and am wondering if anyone know of some scenery for LETO / LERT / LEZG Tks

  13. I just uploaded KBLI Bellingham,WA to scenery files.
    scenery packages/librairies(DSF)>Bellingham.
    WE need a chain link fence for airport perimeter that is not 10 ft high.

  14. I created Frederick Municipal, Frederick, MD (KFDK) using Open Scenery. Still a work in progress as well as a few others that are not yet available for public use including Potomac Airfield, Friendly, MD (KVKX) and Leesburg Executive, Leesburg, VA (KJYO).

    The link for KFDK is below.
    <a href="; title="Frederick Municipal Airport, Home of AOPA, Frederick, MD"


  15. How wonderful it would be if someone would set up taxiway signs and runway signs at Toronto CYYZ.
    Negociating through that maze on x-plane at night when flying on VATSIM particularly,
    can be quite stressful.

  16. Making objects compatible with XP 10 and LIT textures
    I can easily remove fake shadows from my contributions but the lit textures include self-illumination – from porch lights or wall-mounted lights that are not actually modeled. For the texture to look correct at night, lights will have to be added to the object.

  17. Hello,

    while trying to download scenery from your list, I found that several of those links to pointing into website are no longer working – they result in displaying an overview instead of leading to the desired package.

    However, they can be easily fixed if the following is changed:

    Inside the link the part “autocom” needs to be changed to “app”.

    If you look at the links, you will find plenty of both.
    Maybe you can setup some batch job, that fixes the stuff globally.

    All the best for OpenScenery X, thanks a lot for providing this for free!

  18. Hello all,

    I’m new again to x-plane after a few years….I need help with a scenery package I’ve got called Victoria 1 which is Victoria BC city centre and the Inner Harbour. I’m afraid I don’t know the origin but it uses opensceneryx so I thought I’d ask here.

    In the inner harbour there are two ship one cruise liner and the other a container ship that are way oversized and I’d like to delete these objects from that package so I can fly in and out of the harbour on float planes. Is there someone out there that can assist me here? I’m happy to forward the source file I’ve got in a PM
    Many thanks

  19. Greetings,
    I have just uploaded a scenery package to the org for FOOL – LIbreville which contains Opensceneryx artefacts. Many thanks, and are you aware of the problem that the artefacts don’t show up in WED 1.5 and greater?

  20. I have developed a set of scenery libraries that I intend to up-load to (as username Headwind H) in the next few weeks. They are named Headwind Grain_ Land_Library (I guess I need to add a 1.0), and Headwind_Water_Tower Library (1.0). With my new libraries I intend to upload several Scenery Packages, (all with version 1.0 add); Headwind_Scenery_Kansas_City_Sectional, Headwind_Scenery_Wichita_Sectional, Headwind_Scenery_Metro_Wichita_KS, and Headwind Scenery_Grain_Land_Windfarms. All of these packages make extensive use of OpenSceneryX. In fact, the ‘Windfarm’ package only uses the OpenSceneryX library.

    I would have had a difficult time developing these custom packages without OpenSceneryX.

    Thank you very much for your contributions. I will send the URL link as soon as I get the packages into

    • It’s great to hear that OpenSceneryX has been so helpful in your projects, and thank you for the kind words. A couple of things:

      1. Have you considered contributing your models to OSX to expand the library, instead of building your own libraries which every end-user has to download and install?

      2. Can I just check that you didn’t take any items out of OpenSceneryX to create your libraries or packages? This isn’t permitted under the license, you would need to get individual permission from the authors of those items.

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