The OpenSceneryX project is a free to use library of scenery objects for X-Plane®. It is a collaborative effort by members of the community, providing a good range of high quality scenery components for authors to use in their scenery packages.

The library contains many pre-built 3d models including buildings, aircraft and vehicles as well as a large collection of ground markings, ground furniture and trees from both Europe and America.

An index of all the objects in the current version is available here. Note that you cannot download single objects, you must download the library as a whole.


Recommended Option: Installer

Click one of the following links to download the OpenSceneryX installer:

If you like the library,
please consider supporting it

For system requirements for all versions, please see the support page here.

Alternative Option: Zip File

If for any reason you cannot use the installer, for example if you are behind a restrictive firewall, then you can download a zip file containing the whole library here.  Only use this option if you have to, because it is much slower as you have to download the entire library rather than just the files that have changed.



To use the installer: On a Mac – double click the disk image, then when the window appears drag the installer onto the Applications folder. Run it from there. On Windows or Linux – just unzip it, put it where you want it and run it. On all versions, you will be asked to locate your X-Plane® folder and then the installer will automatically download the latest version of OpenSceneryX.

You don’t need to download a new installer every time you want to update OpenSceneryX – just re-run it whenever you like and it will only download files that have changed.

Zip File

If you downloaded the full zipped version, unzip it and a folder titled ‘OpenSceneryX’ should be created. Move this folder into the ‘Custom Scenery’ folder inside your X-Plane folder

Dependencies: Although OpenSceneryX will work without needing to install anything else (except a scenery package that uses it!), some objects such as this one contain advanced animation that needs Sandy Barbour’s CustomSBDatarefs004 plugin to work, which you can download from here.  This is optional but recommended.


Normal X-Plane® Users

If you are a standard user of X-Plane®, then you don’t do anything else. Installing this library does nothing on it’s own to the simulator – you won’t see any changes to your default scenery and you won’t see any new options in X-Plane®. However, scenery packages developed by other people can now use the objects in this library, so if you have installed any scenery package that uses OpenSceneryX then that package will come alive with objects.

X-Plane® Scenery Developers

If you are a scenery developer, click the following link to download the OpenSceneryX Developer Pack: . Instructions for use are enclosed, and the developer pack contains a full PDF reference manual containing everything in the library including screenshots. If you have used OpenSceneryX in your scenery package, please let us know by leaving a message on this page.


Although the library is and always will be free to use, it still costs money to host this website and provide the downloads for the library. If you feel the library is a valuable resource, we would be very grateful if you would consider donating a little to keep it running.

Scenery Packages that use OpenSceneryX

So if you’ve downloaded the library and would like to see it in use, you’ll need to find a scenery package that uses it! Take a look at the list of packages that are enhanced by OpenSceneryX.


We now have an extraordinary contributions in the library and still rising.


A big thank you to the following people who have contributed: .

Additional thanks also goes to Tom Kyler for testing the Linux version of the installer, to Sergio Santagada for allowing the OpenSceneryX installer icon to be based on his original icon artwork and to the following people for localising the installer: Jordi Sayol, Gerrit-Jan Rebel, Olivier Faivre, Valentin Kaufmann and Jon Hyams.

Would you like to contribute?

At the moment we especially need airport objects – vehicles and other paraphernalia for authors to populate their airports with, but providing it’s good quality we will take anything. There are some instructions for contributors here.

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Recent Posts

More New Installers

Another new installer version has just been released for all platforms. I’ve spent a lot of time optimising and improving the networking code, so this version should be a lot faster, smoother and also (especially on Windows) the user interface should be more responsive.

Also, the Mac version is now a Disk Image download, with a customised look and feel.

The full release notes:

  • The intensive local file checking process is now threaded, improving application responsiveness and redraw. The improvements are especially noticeable on Windows.
  • Both intensive file operations now yield some time to other threads to improve application responsiveness and redraw. The improvements are especially noticeable on Windows.
  • The install operation is now much faster, and can make full use of fast Internet connections.
  • The Mac and Windows installers are now code signed, meaning they will not be blocked from running.
  • The Windows installer now runs as an administrator, using the proper UAC mechanism, specified in the application’s Manifest.
  • The Mac installer is now distributed as a Disk Image (DMG) with a custom design.
  • Cross-platform bugs in the license confirmation dialog fixed.

Download the new versions from the OpenSceneryX Home Page.

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