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We’re always encouraging authors to contribute objects to the library.  If there is something you would specifically like to see added, or a particular part of the library that you would like to see improved, this page is here for you to add your suggestions.

Please leave a comment and authors will be able to read it. You never know, someone may turn your suggestion into reality.

Thank you to Jeff Mueller for suggesting this idea.

30 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. People standing with luggage, waiting for bus.

    People walking with luggage on crosswalk. (not animated, unless you want the challenge. 🙂

    animated loader with luggage instead of boxes w/o FedEx name.

    2 or 3 helicoptors.



  2. More Suggestions:

    Cargo box stack

    asphalt with parking grid

    more private jets

    baggage carts, half-full, full

    entryway outline to be placed on side of building where the animated baggage loader can back up to and looks like he is putting the baggage in the building. (See PHOG Upgrade scenery for example)

    animated windmills (like the great looking wind generators)

    large warehouses, different sizes (for cargo area buildings, etc.)

    airport fuel tanks (the big round ones)

    animated car parking gates

    airport workers

    boat docks

    Airport apron light pole that actually lights, along with a light circle on the ground.

    Southwest livery aircrafts

    more Delta aircraft (EMB 145, 170, 120)

    Hawaiian livery aircrafts

    America West Airline livery aircrafts

    Alaska Airline aircrafts

    American-looking office buildings

    more colors on the cars that are used for parking lots that switch ( I don’t know if that is part of OpenSceneryX or not.)

    And now for the biggy: planes of the same size with different liveries. These would change just like the parking cars do, so that static aircraft would not always look the same everytime you flew into an airport. How’s that for a challenge?!

    thank you.


    • Thanks for all the great suggestions Jeff. I can answer your question:

      “And now for the biggy: planes of the same size with different liveries. These would change just like the parking cars do, so that static aircraft would not always look the same everytime you flew into an airport. How’s that for a challenge?!”

      You can already do this with the library. Some objects (such as aircraft) have multiple variants published to the same path. For example, if you use the object “/objects/aircraft/jets/heavy/a340.obj” you’ll get a random Airbus a340 each time you load X-Plane. Download the Developer Pack to get a bit more documentation about this feature.

      Also, to whet your appetite, I’ve been busy adding large numbers of new objects to the library, mostly contributed by Cormac Shaw (from his excellent X-Plane Irish Hub project ( These include lots of ground markings and loads more aircraft vehicles.

  3. We need:

    1. FedEx Trucks
    2. UPS Trucks
    3. Cargo Warehouses, different sizes, especially large.
    4. Multi-level parking
    5. Airport Office/Administration buildings
    6. Forklifts
    7. Strings of baggage carts – straight
    8. Larger and taller metal hangars.
    9. C-130 airplanes, gray

  4. I think we need B717-200, 300, etc, hopefully with a Hawaiian Airlines livery. Also, some Aloha Airlines B737-700, 800, 500, 600, etc. if some wants a challenge, then try a go! Mokulele CRJ-200.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. More Apron vehicles, different height stairs most are to low for the bigger jets,Airbus A330 all versions, baggage trucks with containers, ANZ and Jetstar or Virgin blue Aircraft, great service very much appreciated..keep up the good work, oh and an update now and then would keep us in the loop..cheers

      • Yes thanks they are excellent, especially the height trucks, thank you, more stairs please..
        The redone Cathay Pac’s are really brilliant and transformed my VHHH..
        As I have done a lot of opensceneryx work so I will note what you need, carparks, but mainly squares of parking bays and cars, this should be easy to do, sq tarmac, yellow lines and place cars, say 25 cars, 50 cars, 100 cars, 250 cars all you do is drop them in and instant carpark or car rental base, most scenery airports need quick instant carparks, high rise ones as well would be good.
        Roads and mainly ramps (upperlower terminal access) easy to do, an up and and a down curve with a middle up section, lights and ones that shine at night, global8 has some and they are great, in fact many good things are in global8, I like the shopping centres and that by putting airbridges along the side create low terminals, finally maintanece hangers, modern big door things, you have plenty of small airfield ones but need big repair bases, also could be used as cargo terminals.
        Airbus A330 please…in fact Global8 infused into Openx would be a great step forward.
        Many thanks Openx is brilliant.

        • Hi Stephen, the global8 library is supplied by Laminar and comes with every install of X-Plane, so it wouldn’t be very efficient to merge it into OSX as everyone would have to download the objects twice. Libraries can happily work together though, so it is fine to mix and match global8 objects with osx objects.

          • Thanks for the reply, global8 is not as pretty as openX, buildings that pop up and don’t look right, Paris in LA? feels very inefficient, I think that Laminar need a major rethink on this, without openX the airport scenery would be pretty average..cheers

    • Hi Javier. Please note that we don’t do scenery packages here, just a library of objects that can be used by them. If you would like specific scenery made, I suggest you head over to and discuss it there.

  6. Amazing work guys, I’m enjoying using it so much for my scenery adventures.
    As I’m filling up KMPI as my first scenery, I’d love some more static helos, especially fire service.

    one suggestion- a PDF or live web page showing ALL SCENERY OBJECTS IN THE SAME ORDER AS APPEARS IN OVERLAY EDITOR WOULD MAKE SELECTION OF ITEMS MUCH EASIER. happy to help out and do screenshots of any category. simon

    • Hi Grant, we don’t do scenery packages here, just shared objects used by scenery packages. If you would like specific scenery made, visit the forums and you might be able to persuade someone to make it there.

  7. I´m working a lot in ovelay editor and i miss nice airports building such terminal buildings
    The terminalbuildings are good but they are not so big someone how´s want to make more buildings?

  8. Hi to all,
    Thank you all for all your efforts, they’re greatly appreciated. Flying X-Plane since version 5xx, and since the appearance of WED, I’ve been trying to built greek airports for the .org. Many of those a/p are collocated with military bases. Could we have some hardened aircraft shelters and a pack of mil aircraft (C-130s, CL-215’s, etc) for the static part, please
    Thanks again and happy landings all

  9. Hello.
    I would want to have an ultra-realistc Mexico City Airport scenery, since it is the busiest airport in Latin America, and it would be great if there was one. Thank you.

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