Why do I need OpenSceneryX?

  • If you don’t install 3rd party scenery packages or add-ons for X-Plane®, you don’t need OpenSceneryX.
  • If you only install scenery packages from the X-Plane® Gateway, and no add-ons, you don’t need OpenSceneryX.
  • Otherwise, because a very large number of 3rd party scenery packages and some 3rd party add-ons developed for X-Plane® use OpenSceneryX, if you download a package from x-plane.org or another website, it is quite likely you will need to install OpenSceneryX to see the package or add-on at its best.
  • Finally, if you are a scenery developer yourself, OpenSceneryX could save you a lot of time as it contains a large number of pre-made, instantly usable items to enrich your scenery package.

Can OpenSceneryX be used in X-Plane® version xx?

OpenSceneryX is compatible with all versions of X-Plane® from 8.6 onwards, including X-Plane® 10 and 11.

How do I install OpenSceneryX?

Take a look at our instruction videos on YouTube for new users:

How do I update OpenSceneryX?

If you previously downloaded the installer, just re-run it again. It will detect any changes and update your installation. If you have deleted the installer, just download it again from the home page of the www.opensceneryx.com website

How often do I need to update OpenSceneryX?

Keep an eye on the news section on this site, our Twitter feed, r/Xplane on Reddit, and the x-plane.org forums as we post updates to all these locations when we release a new version. If you’re not sure whether you have the latest, just re-run the installer and it will sort out your install.

I have several X-Plane folders, what do I do?

You have two options:

  1. Run the installer multiple times, when it asks you for your X-Plane location then change it to the X-Plane install you want to update.
  2. Run the installer once, then when it has finished go to the X-Plane folder you installed into, look inside the Custom Scenery folder and copy the OpenSceneryX folder from here into the Custom Scenery folder in your other X-Plane install.

The macOS installer is displaying a permission error

If the installer displays the following error:

There was an error creating the local file, do you have permission to write to the X-Plane folder structure?

Try following these instructions from Laminar Research, the developers of X-Plane, even if your X-Plane folder is not in /Applications.

The installer crashes on Windows 7

Firstly, ensure you have Service Pack 2 installed. If you are still having problems then unfortunately you may not be able to use the installer. Either upgrade to Windows 10 or download the zip file version of the library, which is available from the OpenSceneryX home page.

The installer doesn’t run on Linux

Please ensure you have the prerequisite libraries installed in your distro. System requirements are listed here.

I’m a scenery developer, how do I use OpenSceneryX?

Download the latest developer pack from here:  – full instructions explaining how to use the library are included. Also included is a complete PDF reference manual with screenshots of every item in the library.

We also have a series of videos available on YouTube to help scenery developers use OpenSceneryX:

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