Beta Release of Installer and Library

A beta version of the installer and library are now ready for testing. This beta includes two new features, as well as one other significant change behind the scenes:

  1. The Mac installer now provides support for the default Steam location.  A new button allows you to select the Steam folder if it exists.
  2. The installer now includes the Backup Library that chris k originally built and einstein continues to expand and maintain.  This means that if you have OpenSceneryX installed, you no longer need the Backup Library.  The installer allows you to choose whether the placeholders used are visible or invisible – the visible ones should be bright red.
  3. The installer has been rebuilt using the latest version of the Xojo development environment. This means that the Mac version is now a full Cocoa application.

We need some testers to try out this beta and test the new features, as well as ensuring that no bugs have crept in.  Although the third item above sounds innocuous, a lot of things have changed under the covers so it needs a good test.

WARNING: If you are not happy testing betas, which may have bugs, please skip this and wait for the full release version.

However, if you would like to help out, please either reply to this post (you’ll need to register as a user of the site if you haven’t already) or simply get in touch using the contact form.

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