Minor Library Update Available

A new version of OpenSceneryX has just been released – v2.2.1. This is primarily a feature and bug fix release, but also it includes some updated ships with proper X-Plane navigation lights. Full release notes:

  • Modified scenery objects in this version:
    • A number of the ships and boats have had real navigation lights added, thanks to PilotFlo from the MarineTrafficX project for supplying these.
  • Other changes:
    • Developer documentation PDF now contains in-document clickable links on the table of contents.
    • Small design refresh in developer documentation PDF.
    • All object screenshots look a lot better and are now larger to make them clearer. They are also now automatically generated by a script, making them far easier to manage, create and regenerate.
    • All non-object screenshots have been re-created at a larger size to make them clearer.
    • The new backup library was missing placeholders for .net (roads) and .str (object strings) which could cause issues with some scenery packs installed.

To get the update, just re-run your installer.  If the installer tells you that it is out of date, get the latest from https://www.opensceneryx.com.

Shout out for new content – If you are a talented 3D modeller, and would like some of your work included in a future version of OpenSceneryX, we would love to see it.  It’s really easy to send it to us – just go here: https://www.opensceneryx.com/contribute/upload/ and follow the instructions.

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