New Installer Version Released

A new version of the installer has been released, which hopefully fixes some of the recent problems with failed file downloads.  The Mac and Windows builds are 64 bit and we also now have Linux x86-64 bit, Linux x86-32 bit and Linux ARM 32 bit builds.

This release includes the following changes:

Version 2.1.0

  1. The Mac installer now provides support for the default Steam location.  A new button allows you to select the Steam folder if it exists.
  2. The installer now includes the Backup Library that chris k originally built and einstein took control of.  This means that if you have OpenSceneryX installed, you no longer need the Backup Library.  The installer allows you to choose whether the placeholders used are visible or invisible – the visible ones should be bright red.
  3. The Mac version is now a full Cocoa application.
  4. There are three Linux versions: x86-32 bit, x86-64 bit and ARM 32 bit.
  5. The installer should be a bit more robust if your network connection is interrupted.
  6. We now support high resolution displays.
  7. Switched to secure HTTPS for all server communications. This required a rebuild of the network code.
  8. Small design refresh.

Download the new installer from the OpenSceneryX home page.

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