“Adopt an Object”

I’ve had a few comments about certain objects in the library “not being very good“.  There is definitely a range of quality in there and nowadays I’m a bit more strict about what gets in and what doesn’t, but to be honest I think a basic object is better than no object at all.

Anyway, here’s a call out to everyone who has a bit of skill in 3d modelling (or wants to learn), and perhaps isn’t quite ready to build something from scratch  – why not choose an object from the library and spend 20 minutes / an hour / a day improving it? Send it back, and you’ll get credit for your work.

Just grab something from inside your X-Plane/Custom Scenery/OpenSceneryX/ folder, but please copy it to somewhere else on your hard disk before working on it, otherwise the OpenSceneryX installer may overwrite it with an older version from the web, wiping out your work.  Also, let me know what you plan to work on, just in case someone else is planning to make changes at the same time.

Jonathan Harris has written plugins for Blender and Sketchup and Ben Supnik has written a plugin for AC3D. If you’re happy with your work, send it back by using the OpenSceneryX contribution form.  Please mention in the notes field on that form that you have modified an existing object.

Don’t be scared, give it a go!

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