Optimisation is always going to be a continual process with a library like OpenSceneryX, having so many contributions from so many different authors inevitably means that the library puts a load on many people’s machines.

The biggest wins are:

  1. Reducing texture size
  2. Sharing textures
  3. Reducing object complexity (polygon count)

The third one is becoming less critical as graphics cards become more powerful, but the first two give big improvements, and aren’t that hard to do.  Just before you submit your objects, have a quick think about how well optimised your work is, and whether a few minutes spent improving it would benefit everyone.

On the same theme, it would be really cool if someone would volunteer to be ‘library optimisation guru’ and take the job of auditing all contributions for efficiency, perhaps scaling down large textures where appropriate, or even combining textures to produce shared textures for objects that are likely to be used together.

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