New Mac Beta Installer

There’s a new beta version of the Mac installer available, which hopefully fixes the issue where it couldn’t find an X-Plane 11 Steam install when hitting the ‘Steam’ button.  It’s available for download here.

Edit: The beta period has now finished, get the latest release version of the installer from the OpenSceneryX home page.

There are a couple of other changes, the full release notes are:

  • The new backup library was missing placeholders for .net (roads) and .str (object strings) which could cause issues with some scenery packs installed.
  • Added a PayPal donation button to the installer to try to help cover the costs of running the library.
  • The ‘Steam’ button on Mac now finds an X-Plane 11 install if one exists, and if not it will try to find an X-Plane 10 install.

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