We’re still alive!

I’ve had a couple of emails asking when the next update might me for OpenSceneryX. Sorry it’s been a bit quiet lately but this is simply because I’ve had little time to work on the next release of the library (work work work).

More releases are planned, and some great new sets of objects are queued up ready for inclusion. Also I very much want to work on the installer to allow people to download just the parts of the library they are interested in, speeding up the download process.

I can’t give you any timescales, I’m just fitting in the work when I can, but I would love to get a new version out before Christmas.

3 thoughts on “We’re still alive!

  1. Great news, i was wondering when you guys would be up again as well 🙂
    As a sceery dev, i have to raise my flag against the installer allowing partial installs of the library though – i think we’ll have a lot of problems with people owning only partial installs and not being able to display scenery packs propperly with their opensceneryx install.

    For the rest, i have a few new objects lined up for you guys as well.

    anyway, good to know the project is still going! 😉

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