Mandatory Taxiway Sign Glyph, F

Scenery developers, use these paths to insert this item into your sceneries. You will see them inside WED and OverlayEditor.



General Details


A white ‘F’ character for use in mandatory taxiway signs.

This polygon is drawn at an appropriate level relative to other OpenSceneryX ground taxiway sign components according to the following hierarcy:

Level Polygon Type
Level Markings +3 All Glyphs / Characters
Taxisign Border Yellow (line)
Level Markings +2 Background Red, Background Yellow_Disc
Background Yellow_Disc
Level Markings +1 Background Black, Background Black_Disc
Background Black_Square, Background Yellow_Square
Level Markings 0 Taxiline Inline Arrow (line), Taxiline End Arrow (line)

Suggested component combinations:

Sign Type Description
Mandatory Sign White Glyphs/Characters + Background Red
Direction Sign Black Glyphs/Characters + Background Yellow Square
Black Glyphs/Characters + Background Yellow + Background Black
Location Sign Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Background Black Square + Background Yellow Square
Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Taxisign Border Yellow (line) + Background Black
Stand ID Sign Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Background Black Square

Polygon-specific Details


Please note that you must download the library as a whole from the OpenSceneryX home page, we do not provide downloads for individual items. If you are a scenery developer and want to know why this is, and how to use the library correctly in your sceneries, start here.