Runway closed 30º X, white

Scenery developers, use these paths to insert this item into your sceneries. You will see them inside WED and OverlayEditor.



These paths were published in earlier versions of OpenSceneryX but should no longer be used. They are supported for backward-compatibility.

Deprecated Paths

From v4.0.0: polygons/airport/runway/runway_closed

These paths are used where a 3rd party library has been merged into OpenSceneryX. They allow you to replace the 3rd party library with OpenSceneryX, but still allow older scenery packages to work. Scenery developers, you should use the OpenSceneryX paths instead, and if you are updating an old package then if possible please replace these paths with the new OpenSceneryX equivalents.

3rd Party Library Paths

To ‘DT_Library’: DT_Library/Miscellaneous/ClosedXWhite

Screenshot of Runway closed 30º X, white

General Details

  • Original Author: Darrell Thompson
  • Available Since This item was added in OpenSceneryX version 4.0.0: 4.0.0


A runway closed ‘X’ white ground marking with X at 30º.

Polygon-specific Details


Please note that you must download the library as a whole from the OpenSceneryX home page, we do not provide downloads for individual items. If you are a scenery developer and want to know why this is, and how to use the library correctly in your sceneries, start here.