Location Taxiway Sign Border

Scenery developers, use these paths to insert this item into your sceneries. You will see them inside WED and OverlayEditor.



These paths were published in earlier versions of OpenSceneryX but should no longer be used. They are supported for backward-compatibility.

Deprecated Paths

From v4.0.0: lines/airport/taxisign_parts/border_yellow.lin

General Details


A yellow, painted line (10cm wide) to provide the yellow border for the black background of a ground taxiway location sign.

This line is drawn at an appropriate level relative to other OpenSceneryX ground taxiway sign components according to the following hierarcy:

Level Polygon Type
Level Markings +3 All Glyphs / Characters
Taxisign Border Yellow (line)
Level Markings +2 Background Red, Background Yellow
Background Yellow_Disc
Level Markings +1 Background Black, Background Black_Disc
Background Black_Square, Background Yellow_Square
Level Markings 0 Taxiline Inline Arrow (line), Taxiline End Arrow (line)

Suggested component combinations:

Sign Type Description
Mandatory Sign White Glyphs/Characters + Background Red
Direction Sign Black Glyphs/Characters + Background Yellow Square
Black Glyphs/Characters + Background Yellow + Background Black
Location Sign Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Background Black Square + Background Yellow Square
Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Taxisign Border Yellow (line) + Background Black
Stand ID Sign Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Background Black Square

Line-specific Details


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