Solid line, blue with black outline



Screenshot of Solid line, blue with black outline

General Details

  • Original Author: Cormac Shaw
  • Description: A blue, painted line (20cm wide) with a black outline (40cm) surface marking typically used to outline an area on the airport apron (or elsewhere) where ground vehicles and aircraft should not enter. To create a keep clear area in your scenery, use this Line Polygon in conjunction with the correspondingly coloured “Keep Clear Area” Draped Polygon in this library to both fill in and outline the boundary of the area by placing the nodes of the Line and the Draped Polygon at the same locations. Note that the last node of the Line polygon needs to be duplicated and dragged to the location of the first node so that the boundary line is drawn as closed.This line is drawn at the ‘Markings +2’ level so will overlay the area fill Draped Polygon as well as default lines in X-Plane generated by apt.dat files.