European Forest, Continental, Olive

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Screenshot of European Forest, Continental, Olive

General Details

  • Original Author: Andras Fabian
  • Original Texture Authors: Albert Laubi, Sergio Santagada
  • Has seasonal variants This item changes with the seasons. You can choose the method to use when installing OpenSceneryX.


A forest of trees. See this page for further documentation on the forest regions.

Forest-specific Details

  • Spacing X / Z The items in this forest use 16m (52.49ft) spacing in the X dimension and 16m (52.49ft) spacing in the Z dimension. For more information, see the official documentation.: 16m / 16m (52.49ft / 52.49ft)
  • Skip Surfaces X-Plane® will not place this forest on water surfaces. For more information, see the official documentation.: water
  • LOD Range This forest is drawn up to a distance of 15000m (9.32 miles) from the user. For more information, see the official documentation.: 15000m (9.32 miles)

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