Grass, dark variant 1, 1-1.4m



3rd Party Library Paths

To ‘FlyAgi_Vegetation’: FlyAgi_Vegetation/Grass/Grass_dark01_high

Screenshot of Grass, dark variant 1, 1-1.4m

General Details

  • Original Author: FlyAgi
  • Available Since: 3.2.0


A forest of dark grass, between 1m and 1.4m high. Ideal to use in combination with daisies and dandelions (/forests/plants/asteraceae). This variant is similar to /forests/grass/2 but is more bluish in color tone, designed for matching the X-Plane® default forest ground polygons.For best visual results the grass colors chosen should match the ground colors. If this is done right the grass will almost seamlessly fade out into the terrain in the distance and from higher view angles when taking off or landing on your airfield.When using orthophotos use decals as well for a more natural grass effects.When using grass on larger scale airports make sure you’re using WED and it’s density options for the grass files. The grass can have an impact on GPU performance and on larger airports this impact can be massive if you place the grass with maximum density.

Please note that you must download the library as a whole from the OpenSceneryX home page, we do not provide downloads for individual items. If you are a scenery developer and want to know why this is, and how to use the library correctly in your sceneries, start here.