Chain fence, closed

Scenery developers, use these paths to insert this item into your sceneries. You will see them inside WED and OverlayEditor.


These paths were published in earlier versions of OpenSceneryX but should no longer be used. They are supported for backward-compatibility.

Deprecated Paths

From v1.6.0: facades/fences/chainfence.fac
From v1.6.0: facades/fences/chainfence_small.fac
Screenshot of Chain fence, closed

General Details

  • Original Author: Jonathan Harris
  • Has seasonal variants This item changes with the seasons. You can choose the method to use when installing OpenSceneryX.


A chain-link fence using a closed facade so there are no gaps in the ring.

Facade-specific Details

  • Facade Type This is a type 1 facade. A type 1 facade is a series of walls defined by a rectangular grid of adjacent texture squares, while a type 2 facade has its walls defined by a series of 3-d meshes. For more information, see the official documentation.: 1
  • Draped This facade is draped, where every vertex of the facade’s polygon is individually placed on the terrain. For more information, see the official documentation.
  • Ring facade This facade is a ring, where X-Plane® automatically connects the last facade point to the first, closing the loop. For more information, see the official documentation.
  • LOD Range This facade contains multiple Levels of Detail (LODs). To improve frame rate, simpler models are used at further distances. For more information, see the official documentation.: 0m to 4000m (0 miles to 2.49 miles)

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