Location Taxiway Sign Border



Screenshot of Location Taxiway Sign Border

General Details

  • Original Author: Cormac Shaw
  • Description: A yellow, painted line (10cm wide) to provide the yellow border for the black background of a ground taxiway location sign. This polygon is drawn at an appropriate level relative to other OpenSceneryX ground taxiway sign components according to the following hierarcy:Level Markings +3 : All Glyphs / Characters Taxisign Border Yellow (line)Level Markings +2 : Background Red, Background Yellow, Background Yellow_DiscLevel Markings +1 : Background Black, Background Black_Disc Background Black_Square, Background Yellow_SquareLevel Markings 0 : Taxiline Inline Arrow (line), Taxiline End Arrow (line)Suggested component combinations:Mandatory Sign: White Glyphs/Characters + Background RedDirection Sign: Black Glyphs/Characters + Background Yellow Square OR Black Glyphs/Characters + Background Yellow + Background BlackLocation Sign : Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Background Black Square + Background Yellow Square OR Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Taxisign Border Yellow (line) + Background BlackStand ID Sign : Yellow Glyphs/Characters + Background Black Square

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